who are we

Who are we?

Changshu Dayi Health Protection Articles  Co.,Ltd is committed to the R&D, production ,sales and back service the high quality personal protection equipment(PPE). The company was founded in February 2020, in Jiangsu province,near shanghai. It was the main force in the against of the COVID-2019 during the epidemic. We have 2000 square meters purification workshop, 1000 square meters warehouse and comfortable office zone.

High-quality product series



Dayi Occupational Health Research Center has been committed to the prevention of occupational diseases and provides professional solutions.



Add : Industrial Park, Zhitang Town, Changshu City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Tel+86 18936148870 (hersmosa)

Tel+86 13916555555 (leo)

Email : jones@dayimedical.com


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